Wild Palace offers an exciting range of jewellery with timeless appeal, often nature-inspired, for everyday wear.   Our mission is to offer affordable luxury and outstanding jewellery to our customers.    We sell contemporary high quality jewellery in solid sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver, made to last.  

Wild Palace Jewellery was founded by Emily Read. Emily trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, and worked as a jewellery designer in her early twenties. She then pursued a successful career in wildlife conservation. After a move to the countryside during the pandemic with her husband and daughter, Emily returned to jewellery in 2021.

Emily has a particular love for jewellery that features animals.  She grew up in the Cotswolds, and was intrigued by the true story of a forgotten Royal Palace nearby in Woodstock that existed here in the Middle Ages, where lions and leopards could be found roaming the English countryside.  This inspired the name Wild Palace.